Wooden Boxes

Wooden Boxes

After  years, Dallas Packing Supplies has become an expert in the design and manufacture of wooden boxes of all shapes and sizes. The technology and processes that we use ensure that your products are protected during shipping. That is why we have a very good reputation in the packaging industry.

We know that most products can easily be damaged in transit which is why we make an effort to manufacture our boxes according to national and international standards. We have learned over the years that quality is everything because we have seen how happy our customers are. Those satisfied customers keep coming to us for all their wooden box requirements.

If you need to ship products to international destinations, come and talk to our experts at Dallas Packing Supplies. Our experts will assess your unique needs and recommend boxes from our wide range of standard boxes. If none of the boxes are suitable the experts will design and manufacture custom made boxes taking into account the measurements, weight, breakability and shape of the product and the type of transportation that you are going to use. The result will be a box that will protect your products until they are delivered to their destination, even if that is in the middle of the Sahara Desert. The wooden box can be used many times for storage and further transportation.

We comply with international standards for wooden boxes and we keep abreast with new requirements which we share with our customers. In order to protect their agriculture industry from foreign pests and diseases, some nations are very strict about the type of wood that we must use for boxes and the way the wood is treated to kill diseases and pests. Therefore we make sure that the wood that we use goes through fumigation, heat treatment and chemical dipping facilities to ensure compliance. That way the boxes are allowed into the destination country and will be cleared quickly by customs. That type of success pleases our customers and keeps them coming back for more boxes.

Stop worrying about packaging and packing of your products. You have experts right here in Dallas. Treat us as your packaging and packing department. Call Dallas Packing Supplies today for our free and no obligation quotation. Our experts will visit your premises to assess your needs and to prepare a quotation within 24 hours.


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