At Dallas Packing Supplies, we manufacture, recondition, buy, sell and recycle wooden and plastic pallets. We are well known for our total management of pallets in Dallas, Texas.

If you are looking for any size pallet, talk to Dallas Packing Supplies. We manufacture and stock all sizes of standard plastic and wooden pallets. Should we not have pallets that suit your requirements, we can design special pallets to meet your specifications. No size is too big or too small for us. No quantity is too little or too large for us either.

Dallas Packing Supplies also reconditions used pallets. If you have old pallets lying around, bring them to Dallas Packing Supplies. We will recondition them and resell them to our customers. That way you make money out of excess pallets and we keep our customers supplied with high quality pallets at affordable prices. Recondition is a win-win option.

We are also recyclers. We buy damaged pallets, break them down and use the material to make new pallets. That way no wood or plastic is wasted and we keep the environment clean. At the same time we can sell the recycled pallets at affordable prices, saving our customers money.

At Dallas Packing Supplies, we care about quality. We are members of the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association (NWPCA) which sets the standards for manufacturing pallets. We have always met those standards and even exceeded them, in order to give our customers the best pallets in Dallas, Texas. Our customers have always enjoyed good pallet performance during shipment while saving on packaging costs.

For all your pallet needs in Dallas, Texas, call Dallas Packing Supplies.

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