Military Packaging


Dallas Packing Supplies is highly experienced in providing packaging and crating solutions for Local, State and Federal government requirements, including the Marines, the Navy, the Air Force, the Army and the Coast Guard. We have provided packaging and crating for delivery of goods locally, out of state and throughout the world for X years. So far we have a 100% quality rating for compliance with government requirements.

In fact, we are experts on military packaging. For many years we have worked with coded packaging requirements based on specification MIL-STD-2073-1 which spells out the standard practice for military packaging. Therefore we are familiar with all government specifications on quantities, preservative materials to be applied, the preservation methods, the cleaning and drying procedures, the cushioning, wrapping, barrier materials, packing level, outer shipping container, bar coding and RFID for each product. We also keep up with changes to the MIL-STD-2073-1 to make sure that all products, including hazardous substances, are safely transported over long distances. If you are a government entity or part of the military, trust us with all your packaging.

We also provide outer shipping containers that meet various government, military and ASTM specifications. We deal a lot with ASTM-D6251, ASTM-D6880, ASTM-D6256 and ASTM-D7478 crates, spec pallets and skids, and many other products which are readily available in stock.

If you are looking for MIL-Spec packaging, MIL-Spec style crates, wooden boxes, slat crates, open crates, hood style crates, MIL-Spec pallets and load boxes, then call Dallas Packing Supplies. We will make sure that your goods arrive at their many international destinations intact.

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