Crates & Crating

Crates & Crating

Dallas Packaging Supplies provides the best crates and crating service in Dallas. We have been in the wood crate business for XX years and we know everything protecting products. Our record in the freight packaging industry is impeccable.

Quality is everything in packaging and we take pride in designing the right crate for the right product to make sure that your valuable assets arrive safely in the farthest corner of the world. It is our focus on quality that has earned us a good reputation in the industry.

Regular wooden crates are available in our extensive database. The size and shape that we recommend depends on the size and shape of the item to be shipped. We also have in stock various types of internal packaging solutions that you can select based on the nature of the product to be shipped.

Is your product unique? We can use your product prototype to design a special crate for it together with the cushioning and the interior packing solutions. The designers take into consideration the product’s weight, shape, fragility, mode of transportation and various components that must be packed separately when we design the crate and the interior packaging solutions.

We make crates for large and heavy industrial machinery, medical equipment like CAT scans, as well as small delicate electronic products like computers. Our designers adapt to the unique needs of each product and come up with winning crate solutions.

If you need help to pack your products call us. We have been doing this work daily for XX years so you can trust us with your valuable goods. During packing, we make sure that each separate component is tightly packed or filled with cushioning material or blocked to make sure that it is not broken during transportation.

Call Dallas Packing Supplies today for a free quotation! Our friendly sales representatives will be happy to help you.

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