Wood Crates

Wood Crates

Dallas Packing Supplies has been manufacturing and supplying wooden crates for XX years. We are well known within the Dallas metropolitan area and surrounding areas for our high quality wooden crates. Our crates are sturdy and durable so they can be used for many years.

We manufacture standard sizes of wooden crates that have proven to be popular with our customers. If you have goods to ship, talk to Dallas Packing Supplies for crates. Our crates are export certified, easy to assemble and they come with wood pallets. Our consultants will help you to select the best crate for your type of products for which you will pay a reasonable price.

If your goods are unique and you need custom made wood crates, call us. We will design crates that meet the standards for the safety of your goods while taking into consideration the size, shape and weight of the product.

We also manufacture export certified heavy duty crates, using ¾” wood, for international shipping purposes that will safely protect your breakable goods in transit. They are strong enough to carry up to 7,000lb and can stack up to 14,000lb. The crates are easy to assemble and come with a pallet. The front panel is removable for easy loading.

Crates are useful for the transportation of goods to shops where they are staked in warehouses and storerooms. For this purpose we have dozens of designs that hold all types of small containers. Again if you need a custom design do let us know.

Call Dallas Packing Supplies today for your crating needs. Our experts will discuss your needs and send you a no obligation quote.

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